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Pat Delany Shares His Thoughts on the BlackBerry Bold


Pet DelanyPat Delany is an IT management professional who has over a decade of experience managing IT support including mobile device support. He is also a self-described smartphone junkie.


Pat Delany holstered his first mobile device almost a decade ago. It was a BlackBerry, whose maker, Research in Motion, started the modern smartphone craze. RIM integrated the handheld BlackBerry with its proprietary server, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, to push corporate email to mobile users in real time over the cellular network without having to plug the mobile device into a computer. Email was the “killer app,” and BlackBerry tapped the corporate market and whetted the consumers’ appetites for mobile computing and entertainment.


Pat Delany, however, didn’t enjoy a particularly robust set of features from his first BlackBerry. In fact, it didn’t do much more than email. Overall that first BlackBerry was pretty lousy, especially when considered by today’s standards. The browser was temperamental and the non-touch screen was so small that even young eyes had trouble reading text. On top of all those limitations, the BlackBerry was at that time still 2G.


Pat Delany said goodbye to his BlackBerry in 2006. He bought a Palm Treo and never looked back. Since then, he has owned several Windows Mobile and Android devices and has no qualms recommending them to new users.


Pat Delany (like most other smartphone users) values the features, such as integrated camera capabilities, web browsing, text messaging, and apps, that make smartphones so handy. Because of Microsoft Active Sync/Direct Push and Goodlink, Mr. Delany has found corporate email capabilities sufficient on these new devices, and has therefore never considered using a BlackBerry again.


However, Pat Delany recently started work on a new contract. His client insisted that he be available via their corporate email and issued him the corporate standard device, the Blackberry Bold. While a lot has changed with smartphones and mobile computing in the past six or seven years, the Blackberry is not one of them. It is still, hands down, the fastest and best email device on the market, but all its other features, from the browser to the screen size, simply do not keep up with the comparable Android, iPhone, or Windows Mobile devices. So for the foreseeable future Mr. Delany will continue to carry his Android device along with his BlackBerry.


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